Damn That's Whack - Quiet night watching TV with my squid.

Hey, I'm Cory. I'm a pre-med student and I'm gonna be a senior in college. This is where I go to strum the sweet melodies of the internet. Feel free to ask questions, submit your favorite links, and comment on everything! Fuckin' Lingerer(s)

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    Beautiful Husky! ♥ My boyfriend and I are planning on getting one!!! :D Yay! :D
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  3. dragonchick said: you dog is soooooooooooooo beautiful<3
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  5. burialsuit said: oh my gosh you have a husky i am so jealous :[ i told my boyfriend that if we get a husky with blue eyes we should name him dumbledore :3 and that’s my story for today.
  6. oh-permanent-jetlag said: The pictures you post of your dog make me so happy :) I never realize how much I really love my dogs until I have to go back to college and they’re not around with their unconditional love anymore. Dogs and dog lovers are the best.
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  8. totertats said: Thought you were talking about an actual squid :3
  9. nodgnal said: i want your dog.
  10. meggiedee said: I love huskies!! They’re so big and nice. (: My boyfriend’s aunt has one but he’s blind and partially deaf. ):
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