Damn That's Whack - I was a cool kid.

Hey, I'm Cory. I'm a pre-med student and I'm gonna be a senior in college. This is where I go to strum the sweet melodies of the internet. Feel free to ask questions, submit your favorite links, and comment on everything! Fuckin' Lingerer(s)

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  1. koolaidnick said: Omg, I had a Simba shirt when I was little too. xD Lol. Mine was red, I believe!
  2. yosoymaru said: You sure were! Love Simba jaja :)
  3. googleyfish said: i want to reach into the past and steal your simba shirt
  4. dodgeandburnt reblogged this from damnthatswhack
  5. meganbabyhands said: Corey Matthews
  6. n-i-r-a-l-i said: u look the da same
  7. muchnessintact said: That is an awesome shirt. I hope you still have it.

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